29 Aug 2010


Una coleccion en 2CDs de home demos, studio outtakes y rough mixes del album "Double fantasy"

01 I'm Stepping Out (Take 1)
02 I'm Losing You (Alternate Take With Cheap Trick)
03 Clean-up Time (Rehersal)
04 Clean-up Time (Early Take)
05 Clean-up Time ('sound' Mix With Unused Effects)
06 (Just Like) Starting Over (Studio Talk)
07 (Just Like) Starting Over ('dry' Mix)
08 Beautiful Boy ('sweet' Mix)
09 Dear Yoko ('full' Mix With Additional Overdubs)
10 Watching The Wheels ('early' Mix)
11 I Am The Walrus (Short Parody)
12 Woman (Studio Talk)
13 Woman (Mix 1 With Additional Keyboads)
14 Dream Lover - Stay (Unreleased Cover-versions)
15 (Forgive Me) My Little Flower Princess (Early Take)
16 Nobody Told Me (Early Take)
17 I Don't Wanna Face It ('rock' Mix)
18 Borrowed Time ('rough' Mix)
19 Woman (Mix 2 With Unused Choir)
20 I'm Stepping Out (Take 2)

01 The Great Wok (Words Of Wisdom)
02 Watching The Weels (On Piano)
03 Watching The Wheels ('blues' Style)
04 Corinna, Corinna (Folk Blues-traditional)
05 Watching The Wheels (As A Folk-singer)
06 I Don't Wanna Face It (Early Demo)
07 Welcome To The Bermudas
08 I Don't Wanna Face It (Double-tracked 'Bermuda' Demo)
09 Woman (Double-tracked 'Bermuda' Demo)
10 I'm Stepping out (Double-tracked 'Bermuda' Demo)
11 Everybody's Talkin' (Early Piano Verson)
12 Nobody Told Me (Double-tracked 'Bermuda' Demo)
13 Beautiful Boy (Double-tracked 'Bermuda' Demo)
14 Borrowed Time (Double-tracked 'Bermuda' Demo)
15 Dear Yoko (Double-tracked 'Bermuda' Demo)
16 Too Much Monkey Business
17 Clear-up Time (Piano Demo)
18 Stranger's Room (Early Piano Demo)
19 I'm Losing You (On Piano)
20 I'm Losing You (Acoustic Guitar)
21 Howling At The Moon (Unreleased Song)
22 I'm A Man (Blues Parody)
23 I Watch Your Face
24 My Life
25 Don't Be Crazy
26 The Worst Is Over
27 (Just Like) Starting Over (The Finished Song)
28 The Best Things In Life Are Free

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