26 Aug 2010


Fecha: 1992
Calidad: 128 kb/s
Audio: Soundboard estudio, estéreo

01 Heart Of Chrome (Instumental)
02 Every Time I Look At You (Scat Vocals)
03 Heart Of Chrome (Instrumental)
04 Heart Of Chrome (Scat Vocals)
05 I Just Wanna (Instrumental)
06 Take It Off (Instumental)
07 Take It Off (Instrumental #2)
08 Take It Off (Scat Vocals)
09 Tough Love (Instrumental)
10 Tough Love (Scat Vocals)
11 Thou Shalt Not (Instrumental)
12 Unholy (Alternate Version)
13 Paralyzed (Extended Mumble)
14 Thou Shalt Not (Alternate Version)

LINK: http://rapidshare.com/files/322346025/Revenge_Sessions.rar
PASS: www.chilecomparte.cl

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